Peter Lichtreich

Peter Lichtreich was born in 1967 in East Berlin. From an early age he has been enthusiastic about photography, since his own father was a autodidactic hobby photographer who showed him how to view the world in a different light. What began as a mere hobby, developed from 2007 onwards and thus followed by exhibitions in Mannheim, Amsterdam, Rome, Israel and Monaco.

Peter finds most of his models on well-known gay internet portals, since that was where he got his starting reference and main pointsof interest from the community which eventually he gained recognition for his talent. Personally, he describes his photography as “body photography”, because he rejects the terms “nude” or “nude photography” for his style of photography as inappropriate. Peter says of his photographs: “As a gay man, of course the man’s body has always been fascinating for me. By means of photography it was possible for me to explore this attraction in my own way and to show what I see. Although I am drawn heavily to the idea of classic photography, this artistic medium allows me to incorporate my own style of presentation. Being aware that my pictures are not a representation of reality, but imagined with all facets of man in its variety show. My pictures are rather dark and gloomy and invite the viewer to look deeper beyond the flesh. Gay men are particularly prone to the iconicity and augmentation of what they envision as “classical masculine” behavior, but that does not interest me. I want to express and acknowledge man in a different way.

Translated and edited by Kent Jones

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